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This Guide is the Essentials Guide for Schools Implementing Intelli Messaging's Attendance Tracking Solution with the Schooltool plug in.

SchoolTool is a free, open source, web-based student information system for a single school, including student enrolment and demographics, grading and grade reporting, attendance tracking, calendars and intervention tracking. This application has been customised by Intelli Messaging to including Student entry and exit scanning using barcodes and for this action to allow automated student attendance recording and reporting.

This Guide has been specifically developed for schools implementing attendance scanning and tracking and does not cover the other features of the schooltool system.  To learn about the full features of schooltool please got to the schooltool book at 

SchoolTool is licensed under the GNU General Public License, Version 2

The Intelli Messaging Attendance Tracking Pluggin is licensed by Intelli Messaging - Please contact Intelli Messaging for Details.

The Intelli Messaging Attendance Plug In is only offer as a hosted and managed solution by Intelli Messaging